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Liquid Fire Mantra

Zodiac Key Pendant

Zodiac Key Pendant

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This Visionary Pendant is an all-encompassing talisman of presence, truth and greater alignment. A beautiful golden sun is carefully set in the center of the spinning mother of pearl sundial, intricately etched by hand with the 12 astrological symbols. By spinning the disk around the sun, you can see the relationships between the zodiac, the sun and the elements. In the four directions, the zodiac is arranged by their ruling element, and organized into four keys that unlock the sacred wisdom of each direction. This Powerful Talisman is a fusion of the Western Zodiac with Native American wisdom of the elements and directions. Give it a spin!

Overview: Unisex -Unique design -100% Handmade -Durable -Lightweight -High quality materials

Materials: Sterling silver, 24K gold vermeil, mother of pearl, assorted gemstones

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