Liquid Fire Mantra Performance Art

15 years of Dynamic and Powerful Ritual Fire Theatre

Liquid Fire Mantra is a fusion of dance, theatre, and circus. LFM has performed world wide at major music events, festivals, weddings, private events and LFM productions. The 15 to 45-minute shows integrate many different art forms, creating a multi-dimensional performance with fire and mask dancing, supported by choreography, video projection and a custom-made music score. Shows are also created without fire props, such as swords, LED lights, fans and dancing wings.


Fire inspires... real magic. Weaving elemental energy with sacred geometric patterns as a living breathing art.  This is where passion and imagination meet in the knowledge of rituality.  Flow... into a living mantra!

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Take off the mask of egoic illusions...  Experience archetypes that touch ancient memories... awakening lucid dreams... What mirrOracles dance the mantra's awake inside? Take a peak outside...

 This is where the lines between performance art and rituality become unified!

And some thought Unicorn's were not real!  They might not be what many thought they looked like...

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