Jewelry Care & FAQ

*All solid Silver pieces made from solid 92.5% Sterling Silver. Even if there is no stamp (92.5) marking them sterling silver. This is simply because there is no room for these stamps on many of our super intricate designs.  

*Sterling Silver & Brass will naturally oxidise and darken over time.  

*Sterling Silver & Brass will turn black when it is exposed to sulphur and some other minerals.  Sulphur is found at many hot-springs and within certain foods.  

*The soldering, that is used to connect pieces of silver with each other,  is not pure silver and is what often tarnishes differently than the natural oxidisation of silver.  It will turn black more quickly.  

Silver & Brass is very easily polished to be shiny again.  We recommend a simple and cheap "anti tarnish silver polishing cloth" that can be found at most hardware and crafting supply shops.  You can also easily order it online.  In the future, we may offer these cloths for sale on our web site. 

*Gold Plating is measured in microns and is very thin.  It will rub off over time and this is greatly speed up by the following ways.  Exposed to heavy mineral waters like found in the ocean and hot-springs.  Sand will greatly rub the gold plating off.  Wearing the pieces all the time will naturally increase the wear and tear.  Wearing in a way that allows the piece to rub onto something like when worn while sleeping.  

*Gold plating on silver is called "Vermeil".  We offer some pieces gold plated on on brass and other pieces vermeil.  We also have some pieces that have "Gold Lay", which is a thicker, hand melted gold layer put on.  Gold Lay is much more durable than Gold Plating.