About Liquid Fire Mantra


LIQUID FIRE MANTRA is here to be of service in healing and transformation & harmonize our energy with nature. 
We are committed to using the unique creative expressions found in our designs and dance, to bring forth everyone's co-creative power.  Bringing to light ancient symbols and prayformance arts, we joyfully offer compassion, activation, and unification, in remembrance of who we really are. 
Liquid Fire Mantra original designs are inspired by nature and through our intimate experience involved in prayerformance arts.   Every creation is channeled straight from our hearts.  We are honored to share these special power pieces with you.  We employ sustainable ecological and fair trade practices in all aspects of our business.   
Through Fire Arts and Sacred Mask Dancing, we take the raw primal energy of the element of fire and unite it with mythical storytelling.  With fire, we rhythmically weave sacred geometric patterns around our body's igniting magic and beauty in the dance.  Drawing from a collection of over thirty extraordinary masks, mythic characters come alive to captivate the participating viewer.  We base our prayformances on a trinity of mirrors, generating intentional energy to be reflected between the dancer, musicians, and participating viewer.  Through this reflection, compassionate healing occurs and new perspectives are illuminated.  This powerful prayformance, makes the Liquid Fire Mantra experience a loving offering to our collective awakening.  
A flood of gratitude to you, our star family matrix, for the love and support that makes our shared vision a reality.  
Forest Schrodt