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Liquid Fire Mantra

Wing Ear Cuffs - Silver Plated

Wing Ear Cuffs - Silver Plated

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Feel the light of these breathtaking Wing Ear Cuffs and let your spirit take flight!

A totem of the love, protection and magic from the metaphysical realms of angels, fairies and elves. These cuffs are stunningly beautiful and look amazing worn. Flexible frame to comfortably fit most ears.

These dazzling ear cuffs are great for weddings, cosplay, festivals, Halloween, Christmas and birthday gifts!

Fitting and how to wear:   Easiest to attach the cuff to the ear by... 1st: Place the bottom part of ear-cuff at its position bellow the ear.  2nd:  Hook the top part of ear-cuff over the top of the ear.   3rd:  Bend the metal to fit each individually shaped ear.

The large size is best fitted for male adult sized ears, and the small size best fits smaller women and children sized ears.

Overview: -Unisex -Comfortable to wear -Easy to put on -Unique design -100% Handmade -Durable -Versatile usage -Easily adjustable -Attaches securely

-Comes as a left and right pair. 

High quality materials: Brass, Silver plating. (Silver plating is durable)

Measurements: 70/60mm long by 30mm wide.

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