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Unicorn Horn - Rainbow

Unicorn Horn - Rainbow

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Hand-carved wooden unicorn horn (tiara sold separately) is detachable. The horn sits in a brass base that is designed to securely attach to the tiara headband.


The horns are hand-carved from beautiful solid teak wood and come in several amazing variations. You can have a different color horns to match various color outfits!

Unicorn represents a united being. Unicorns are winning on the deepest level of authenticity.

Embrace your inner Unicorn with this lovingly crafted wooden Unicorn Horn. Our beautiful hand-carved Unicorn Horns are intended to accompany our line of Unicorn Tiaras, however, they may be used in any which way that your creativity calls for. They also make great attachments for rocking horses, altarpieces, sculptural attachments, and many other creative expressions.

Overview: - Unisex - Unique design - 100% Handmade - Durable - Lightweight - High quality materials - Versatile usage - Various size options available

Materials: Solid hand-carved wood, shimmering rainbow paint, high quality brass attachment.

Large horns measure 4" / small 3''.

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