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Unicorn Guitar Pick Pendant - Dark Mother of Pearl

Unicorn Guitar Pick Pendant - Dark Mother of Pearl

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The Unicorn Guitar Pick is a multi-purpose Pendant that can function as a stand-alone beautiful Pendant, or as a portable guitar pick worn on your heart or carried in your guitar case.

Unicorns represent unconditional love and compassion, unifying duality consciousness in the wearer/user.

Brighten up your music, invite in your muse, and delve into creative expression blessed by Unicorn Love! This Pendant makes a great gift for any musician, and is also a favorite for kids and unicorn lovers.

NOTE: This Pendant performs perfectly as a guitar pick. The tip has been carefully filed down at a curve to better suit guitar picking and strumming. Tested and approved by professional musicians for comfort, ease of use and durability.

We offer these pendants exactly as shown in the image, and with a simple black hemp cord for convenient wearing and maximum consideration for those with sensitive skin or metal sensitivities. If you would prefer an “o ring” attached in order to wear it as a traditional pendant on your own chain, please send us a message or make a note in your order with your request.

*Color may vary slightly from pair to pair due to the unique nature of the mother of pearl shells.

-Unique design
-Multi-purpose usage as a Pendant and/or Guitar Pick
-100% Handmade
-Hypoallergenic for people with sensitive skin
-High quality materials

Materials: Mother of Pearl, Abalone Shell.

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