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Liquid Fire Mantra

Tree of Life Knowledge Pendant

Tree of Life Knowledge Pendant

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This design came from a vision Forest Schrodt (the designer and founder of LFM) had during a Joe Dispenza breath-work meditation designed to activate the pineal gland. The resulting vision revealed the sacred geometry of the toroidal field flowing from the roots of his being, connected to the heart of Mother Earth. The kundalini energy rose up like serpents through the center of his body, expanding into the branches of the Tree of Life, then circling back down like leaves and branches. The apples on the tree were seen as miniature versions of this sacred geometry. 

The heart of mother earth can also be seen as a placenta connecting to the belly of the being within the tree.   

This powerful pendant is an anthem for truth in the creation story of our existence. The apple is symbolic of the geometry of the torus, which is the geometry of duality.  Duality is the gift to be in the likeness of God with the freedom to choose what direction we wish to go in our lives.  With duality comes the friction of life, which is the primary ingredient for evolution, growth and learning so that creation itself can be dynamic as it recreates itself in a constantly changing miracle.  Each individual is a gift for creator to experience itself. 

Through us, the divine has infinite eyes to both experience its own creation and to evolve and learn from the friction of life, creating growth and dynamics within the Tree Of Life.   

Forest believes that art is the most accessible powerful form of activism. Seeing the change we wish to be in order to be the change we wish see.  

Through creativity and imagination we are empowered. 


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