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Liquid Fire Mantra

Snake Trinity Pendant

Snake Trinity Pendant

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The Snake Trinity Pendant is one of our signature designs for grounding ones energy into the earth mother wisdom. 

The three snakes representing the divine trinity.   Downward triangles represent the divine feminine, and also total embodiment in the physical plane, grounding all of our spiritual energy into our bodies, minds and emotions as a home for the Spirit. 

 The King Cobra bail at the top represents the protective hood of consciousness that opens the third eye chakra.  Symbolic of sovereignty, truth, integrity and strength to our intuition. 

100% handmade, with each scale on the serpents intricately carved into the sterling silver, and subtle 18K gold lay delicately painted upon the heads of each snake.

Overview: -Unisex -Unique design -Durable -Lightweight -High quality.

Materials: Sterling silver, 18ct gold lay melted on heads and hood of snakes. 

Choice of gemstones:  High quality Rainbow Moonstone, Or... Australia fire opal.

**Note that each Australian fire opal is incredibly unique and variation may occur.

Measurements: 65mm long and 56mm wide.

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