Seraphim Pendant - Brass

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Seraphim are six winged angels whom represent the deepest level of devotion, willing to feel the fire of life to the fullest and to be consumed with this fire in an alchemical process of purification, authentication and devotion.  Seraphim are not for the weak, they demand total devotion and work with fierce fires to purify.  These are elite angels that take on the greatest of sensations of life to validate and bring Truth through.  At the bottom of this talisman is a sacred Cross, Vajra or Dorje; also referred to as the thunderbolt of truth representing the dance between freedom and unity. The sum of parts that creates the whole of this dualistic dimension, all is necessary for the dynamic miracle of life. 

Materials: Carved buffalo bone, brass, ruby on third eye, amethyst stone in the center of the vajra.  


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