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Liquid Fire Mantra

Pratigrana Earrings

Pratigrana Earrings

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Pratigrana is Sanskrit, translating as "receptivity".  And is used as a prayer for absolute acceptance. Receptivity is a virtue of the empowered feminine and is a precursor for empathy and the highest form of spiritual evolution -- compassion. These earrings are hand-made with incredible skill.

Give these stunning earrings as a spiritual gift, healing prayer, embodiment of yoga, or wear them as a totem of your personal spiritual practice.

These are made for non-gauged ears but are designed for the option to be paired with our Lovelette Eyelet's to accommodate those with gauged piercings.

Overview: -Comfortable -Unique design -100% Handmade -Durable -Suitable for sensitive skin

-High quality materials: Sterling Silver / with 24ct Gold plating 3 microns.  

Measurements: Large - Approx. 65mm diameter.
Small - Approx. 50mm diameter.

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