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Liquid Fire Mantra

Nectar of Abundance Pendant

Nectar of Abundance Pendant

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The Nectar of Abundance Pendant depicts a double dorje with angel wings and open hands outstretched in offering. This pendant represents the fulfillment of dharma (the great destiny of all) through bhakti (devotion), and the resultant universal abundance that naturally ensues when our hearts are in alignment with the highest good. This piece offers a reminder of giving forth our purest light while remaining humbly open to receive the wealth of the present moment with gratitude in our hearts. In gratitude, we become whole, and it is the sum of the parts that creates the whole. The dorje, also known as the vajra, is the thunderbolt of awakening to truth and to ultimate enlightenment. This staggering pendant gracefully demonstrates the spiritual dichotomy of indestructibility and irresistible force: the diamond and the thunderbolt, and therefore embodies the sacred geometry of the double torus that is present in all aspects of life, representing the self-reflective nature of consciousness itself. This powerful pendant makes a great spiritual gift, embodiment of yoga, or a totem of your personal spiritual practice! Overview: -Unique design -100% Handmade -Durable -Lightweight -High quality materials Materials: Sterling silver, 24K gold vermeil, citrine, ruby, rare rose garnet.

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