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Lovelette Eyelets

Lovelette Eyelets

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These ornate handmade eyelets feature a unique and comfortable design that is easily compatible with most drop and hoop earrings. The stunning craftsmanship of this ear tunnel depicts a beautiful heart encased in a ring adorned with 12 small studs. Twelve is a magical number that represents completion, creative power, and the manifestation of the divine Trinity into the four corners of the horizon. *Please note that these eyelets are double flared, and the gauge size is measured on the inner plug surface. See below for flare and inner plug measurements. Overview: -Unisex -Comfortable -Lightweight -Great for ear stretching -Unique design -100% Handmade -Durable -Suitable for sensitive skin -High quality materials -Compatible with most hoop & drop earrings -Sold as a pair Helpful Tips: -If your piercing size is smaller than the flare diameter, try taking a hot shower prior to insertion to relax your skin, and be sure to use ample amounts of a quality water-based (ideally surgical-grade) lubricant to gently massage the plugs into your lobes. This method also works well for removal. Be sure to sanitize as directed by your piercer. -Insert the Lovelettes at a slight angle. This often gives them enough leverage to pop through to the other side. -Insertion is easier as your lobes get looser. For small gauge sizes 0g and under, you may want to use tape wrapping temporarily to loosen your piercing up enough to be able to insert the flared end. -For successful ear stretching, it is recommended to only stretch a maximum of one gauge size per month, and to never skip sizes. Materials: Sterling silver. Available in sizes: 18g/1mm -- 1.43mm flare, 12g/2mm -- 1.35 flare, 8g/3mm (flare measurement coming soon), 6g/4mm -- 1.37mm flare, 4g/5mm -- 1.24mm flare, 2g/6mm -- 1.57mm flare, 0g/8mm -- 1.40mm flare, 00g/10mm (flare measurement coming soon), 7/16/11mm -- 1.47mm flare, ½/12mm -- 1.54mm flare, 9/16/14mm (flare measurement coming soon).

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