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Liquid Fire Mantra

Kids Heart Spiral Tiara

Kids Heart Spiral Tiara

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An elegant and affordable tiara designed with children in mind. This tiara is also suitable for adults who would like a smaller tiara design or smaller fit. This tiara has high quality silver plating over brass and is hand-crafted with perfection and secured with an elastic cord for the perfect fit.

The Tiara can be used by itself, or with a Unicorn Horn attached. The Unicorn Horns are easy to attach and are secure once in place. All Unicorn Horns are hand-carved from solid wood, and the more ornamental horns are hand-painted and/or treated with our luminous rainbow technology!  All horns are sold separately and can be found on our site by simply searching "horns", or at this link:

Unicorn Horns for Tiara's ⬇︎

*NOTE: This Tiara is designed for normal wear, and is not intended for active sports, contact dance, or jousting. ;)

**Tips: If you plan to be more active while wearing this Tiara, try using a hairpin to keep it in place. If the horn moves around at all once attached, try gently pressing down the tab on the base of the horn to make the attachment tighter.

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