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Liquid Fire Mantra

Hummingbird Moon Pendant - Brass

Hummingbird Moon Pendant - Brass

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The Hummingbird Moon Pendant gracefully depicts a hummingbird spirit animal sipping from the nectar of Divine Love found in the jewel of the lotus, as she carries the light of the full moon on her back. This piece is about shining love and light into all aspects of life, and embracing the entirety of existence with a joyous and open heart. Their loving warrior spirits courageously face duality and transform fears into gold with the radiance of their open hearts. Fun fact: Did you know that hummingbirds have the largest heart to body ratio of any creature on the planet? 2% of their body weight is their heart! This stunning totem makes a great spiritual gift, embodiment of yoga, or a totem of your personal spiritual practice! It inspires courage, joyous living, stewardship of the natural world and true presence in all who wear it.

Overview: -Unisex -100% Handmade -Unique design -Durable -High quality materials

Materials: High quality brass, bone, emerald, rainbow moonstone, pearl

Measurements: 7cm tall and 3.5cm wide.

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