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Liquid Fire Mantra

Humming Caduceus Pendant - Sterling Silver - Labradorite

Humming Caduceus Pendant - Sterling Silver - Labradorite

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The Humming Caduceus Pendant elegantly depicts two serpents rising up a staff just as the kundalini energy of shiva and shakti intertwines and rises up the spine through each chakra. These dancing serpents also represent two strands of DNA that hold the entire living library of akashic records, calling forth wisdom and keen intuition. Snakes symbolize our innate creative force and transformative healing potential. This piece is framed by two magical hummingbird spirit animals, forming a heart with their bodies as they sip from the nectar of awakening, inspiring us to keep an open heart to all that life has to offer. By accepting the entirety of our experience we enter into true authenticity, becoming whole. Hummingbirds have the ability to create distance from something in order to gain a broader perspective and to see that it is truly the sum of the parts that creates the whole. Their loving warrior spirits courageously face duality and transform fears into gold with the radiance of their open hearts. Fun fact: Did you know that hummingbirds have the largest heart to body ratio of any creature on the planet? 70% of their body weight is their heart! This staggering pendant embodies the spiritual concept of Unity, gracefully represented by the double dorje, also known as the vajra. The pendant depicts the spiritual dichotomy of indestructibility and irresistible force through one of the most ancient and powerful symbols of the dorje: the diamond and the thunderbolt. Through embracing duality, unity and peace are achieved, and the journey to enlightenment is begun. This powerful pendant makes a great spiritual gift, embodiment of yoga, or a totem of your personal spiritual practice!

Overview: Unisex -100% Handmade -Unique design -Durable -High quality materials

Materials: Sterling silver, labradorite, amethyst

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