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Liquid Fire Mantra

HumGaiaTri Tiara

HumGaiaTri Tiara

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Humgaiatri Tiara.  Liquid Fire Mantra original Fantasy Tiara headpiece, crown, headband.  Recommended for:  Wedding's, festivals and parties.  Great for costumes such as Unicorn, Goddess, Avatar, sorceress, wizard, elf, faerie, angel, vampire, necromancer, mermaid, valkyrie, princess, queen, prince, king, shaman, druid, priestess, etc...

Beautiful on its own or playfully celebrate your inner Unicorn by adding a hand-carved wooden unicorn horn sold separately here: 

Unicorn Horns for Tiara's ⬇︎

This Tiara is masterfully handmade with great attention to details.  Zoom in and see the amazing craftsmanship.  An amethyst gem sits at the center of the vajra, with a pearl delicately resting on the wearer’s third eye. This art piece attaches comfortably with a hand soldered brass chain that is resizable and a clear elastic string that is both durable, invisible and very comfortable.

This art piece attaches comfortably with a clear elastic string that is both durable, invisible and very comfortable. It is recommended that you gently bend the tiara to fit the shape of your head for ideal, comfortable fit.  Everyone who has purchased these, absolutely loves them.  You will be very happy, guaranteed.  

**NOTE: This Tiara is designed for normal wear, and is not intended for active sports, contact dance, MMA or jousting. 😉

***Tips: If you plan to be more active while wearing this Tiara, try using a hairpin to keep it in place. If the unicorn horn moves around at all once attached, try gently pressing down the brass tab on the base of the horn to make the attachment tighter.  Store safely in the box it comes with or an eyeglass case works too.  Remove horn while storing.  

Overview: -Unisex -Unique design -100% Handmade -Durable -Lightweight -Comfortable -High quality materials -One size fits all -Versatile: Can be used alone or with any Unicorn Horn option -Adjustable frame and harness -Additional Unicorn Horn

Select your unicorn horn addition here:

Materials:  high quality brass / silver or gold, amethyst stone, pearl, elastic cord. 

About the design:  This beautiful HumGaiaTri Tiara design depicts two hummingbirds whose bodies form a heart as they sip the sacred nectar from a holy cross, double vajra, dorje or torus. Vajra / Dorje represents the thunderbolt of realisation that it truly is the sum of the parts that completes the whole. This physical dimension is a place of duality and friction that acts as a catalyst for evolution. Hummingbirds have the largest heart to body ratio of any creature.  They have a powerful warrior spirit that courageously faces duality and all the fears and symptoms of forgetting.  By accepting the entirety of our experience we step into authenticity, united and whole, we sip from the nectar of truth. Hum Gaia Tree: Inspired by the Gayatri Mantra which calls forth the pure light of truth to illuminate all forgetting with remembrance.

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