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Liquid Fire Mantra

HumGaiaTri Earrings

HumGaiaTri Earrings

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Inspired by the hummingbird spirit animal and the Gayatri Mantra, calling forth the pure light of Truth to illuminate all forgetting with remembrance. This non-dualistic light of consciousness is depicted by the double vajra or dorje that is the thunderbolt of realization - the sum of the parts that creates the whole. As this physical dimension is a place of duality as a place of friction to be a catalyst for evolution, the hummingbirds represent the warrior spirit to courageously face our fears and symptoms of forgetting and drink from the nectar of wholeness. Give these amazing uniquely designed metaphysical earrings as a spiritual gift, healing prayer, embodiment of yoga, or totem of your personal spiritual practice. Overview: . Unisex . Comfortable . Unique design . 100% Handmade . Durable . Suitable for sensitive skin . High quality materials Materials: 24K Gold plating, high quality brass, sterling silver, amethyst. Measurements: 7cm tall by 4cm wide.

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