HumGaiaTri 2D Pendant - Silver

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Hum Gaia Tree: Inspired by the Gaia Tree Mantra which calls forth the pure light of truth to aluminate all forgetting with remembrance. This non-dualistic light of consciousness is depicted by the double vajra or dorje that shows the dualities interdependence upon one another. The thunderbolt of realization that it truly is the sum of the parts that complete the whole. Duality offers physical dimension of friction that is a catalyst for evolution. With evolution, creation is alive in its way of creating itself anew each moment. The humming birds represent the warrior spirit to courageously face our fears and symptoms of forgetting and drink from the nectar of truth by accepting the entirety of our experience. Heaven and hell, angels of remembrance and devils of forgetting... all are necessary for life to be dynamic in its evolutionary process and gives us the greatest opportunity for growth.

Solid sterling silver with six pointed star sapphire at the top with amethyst stone at the bottom and moonstone in the center of the vajra.

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