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Liquid Fire Mantra

Gratitude Key Pendant - Sterling Silver / 24K Gold Vermeil

Gratitude Key Pendant - Sterling Silver / 24K Gold Vermeil

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This pendant symbolizes gratitude for all that life has to offer. In gratitude, we become whole, and it is the sum of the parts that creates the whole. A Balinese Om marks the front of this pendant, inviting the entirety of universe into our open hearts. Angel wings guide the pendant to the higher realms of consciousness with divine grace. This pendant is hand-carved on both sides. Emerald stones represent hope, renewal and growth and lend their magic to facilitating deep heart-opening and healing at the fourth chakra energy center. Garnet brings this healing further into our bodies, keeping us grounded and connected to the present moment. The backside of this pendant is also intricately carved and depicts an outline of a heart, textured angel wings, a six-pointed flower, and an engraving of the word GRATITUDE. Give thanks with this pendant! It makes a great spiritual gift

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