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Liquid Fire Mantra

Ganesha Ring - Large - Sterling Silver - Blue Sapphire

Ganesha Ring - Large - Sterling Silver - Blue Sapphire

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Ganesha Ring

Ganesha represents the moment that creation started celebrating itself.  With an attitude of celebration, obstacles are removed.  We put angel wings on Ganesha to remind us that the ultimate angelic presents is one of celebration.  So get your musical instruments, flow props, paint brushes and any other ways you create and let the celebration begin! 

This is a surprisingly comfortable ring with its perfectly smooth underside and ideal curvature to support maximum finger mobility and comfort, with a thinner yet sturdy ring base so as not to inhibit motion. Every detail has been lovingly crafted and infused with magic! 

The Large Ring has a blue sapphire stone in the head-piece of Ganesha is ideal for bringing the heavens and the earth together.  

Blue sapphire is often associated with calmness, serenity, and spirituality. Its color symbolizes loyalty, faith, and devotion. It is said to foster love, fidelity, and harmonious relationships.


Overview: -Unisex -Unique design -100% Handmade -Durable -Lightweight -

High quality materials: Sterling silver. Measurements: 41mm long.
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