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Flower of Life Dreamcatcher Pendant - Brass

Flower of Life Dreamcatcher Pendant - Brass

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This magical pendant fuses the sacred geometry of the flower of life and the ancient protective charm of the dreamcatcher. The flower of life represents the interdependence and interconnectedness of all beings, bringing unity to duality, and calling in dreams that are the most in harmonic resonance with Life. Caducei snakes frame this piece, like strands of DNA holding the akashic records of the living library of life itself. Suspended in the web of the dreamcatcher talisman, this spectacular pendant offers protection and lucidity to all who wear it. Welcome to lucid dreams, and lucid awakening! Overview: -Unique design -100% Handmade -Durable -Lightweight -High quality materials Materials: High quality brass, opal. Measurements: 32mm wide and 78mm tall.

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