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Liquid Fire Mantra

Elemental Protection Pendant with Amethyst Stone

Elemental Protection Pendant with Amethyst Stone

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Manifest your dreams into physical reality, working with the elementals while being protected!   

This potent avatar amulet features a unique mandala of four pentagrams in tribute to the four elements, offering deep reverence to this sacred Earth.  The sigils of the four elements set within each of the four pentagrams is done with the intension of creating alliance and protection and balance with the earth, air, water and fire.  The ether is the binding energy that weaves these elements together.  The four pentagrams all connect to form a larger eight-pointed star, balancing the wisdom of The Eightfold Path into the dualities of the world.

This is a great gift for yourself or a loved one you wish to protect and support in their success. 

Materials:  Brass, amethyst stone.  

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