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Liquid Fire Mantra

Creation Pendant - Brass - Labradorite

Creation Pendant - Brass - Labradorite

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Introducing the remarkable Creation Pendant, a conduit to the mystical realms of Shiva and Shakti, guiding you from the depths of your own kundalini energy to the expanses of your boundless consciousness. Crafted with intricate detail, this pendant is a symbol of spiritual connection and empowerment.

At its base rests a five-pointed star, symbolizing the inherent unity between Spirit and the four elements essential to creation. Rising from the symbolic root chakra, the star beckons forth two serpents, entwined in a dance of kundalini energy as they ascend the body's chakras. At their meeting point, they form a heart, echoing the Balinese symbol for Om, a testament to unity and divine harmony.

As the energy ascends further, it pays homage to the celestial bodies, the sun and the moon, embodying the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies. Angelic wings cradle this sacred offering, guiding its healing essence with grace and compassion.

At its zenith, the pendant culminates in two hands presenting a resplendent lotus flower to the heavens, symbolizing our role as stewards and co-creators of the wondrous tapestry of life.

This exquisite Creation Pendant is not merely an accessory but a spiritual tool—a gift, a prayer, an embodiment of yoga, or a personal totem. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

- Unisex
- 100% Handmade
- Unique design
- Durable and lightweight

Crafted from high-quality brass and adorned with labradorite.

38mm wide and 77mm tall.
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