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Liquid Fire Mantra

Compass of Love Pendant - Brass - Light Mother of Pearl

Compass of Love Pendant - Brass - Light Mother of Pearl

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This wondrous talisman is a magical masterpiece fusing wisdom from Hinduism, Buddhism and ancient Kabalistic mystery school teachings.  

The front side is about navigating the infinite realms of imagination from Love to Love in all 9 directions. 

The backside is about working with the four elementals as our allies to bring this creativity into form to be shared with others while being protected.  

Front and back side of pendant that synergistically work to evoke intentional loving creations and weave elemental energies together to bring your dreams into form so that your creations can be shared with the world!

The front side of this medallion depicts the blossoming of a lotus flower stemming from the symbol of the sun.  Ohm symbols are delicately carved into each of the four inner petals radiating the Love song of creation in all directions.  These open up into a double Vajra or double Dorje' representing the thunderbolt of truth, that this dualistic reality is the gift of our freedom and the inherent friction is the necessary component for evolution and growth.  It also relates to the rhythm of life.  The outer layer of eight heart shaped petals gracefully completes the lotus with Balinese Sanskrit for all the archetypes of creation and eight archetypes of the one God in the eight directions.  The ninth direction is the center. These eight petals with eight prayers are also a reminder of The Noble Eightfold Path, a Buddhist teaching based on freeing ourselves from attachments as a means to end suffering, through: right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration. On the very outer edge of the pendant's face are eight colorful gems that surround the lotus symbolic of the rainbow beauty of creativity and also linked with the chakras.

The back side features a mandala of four pentagrams with sigils of the four elements, earth, air, water and fire within each pentagram. The ether is the energy that binds these elements together represented by the pentagrams themselves.  The pentagrams formation form a spell of alliance with the elementals and simultaneously is a spell of protection for the wearer.  Working with the elements to bring creativity into form so it can be shared with others while being protected.   

Serves as a potent gift of guidance, manifestation and protection. 

 Overview: -Unisex -100% Handmade -Unique design -High quality materials Materials: Hand carved Mother of pearl, high quality brass, assorted gemstones. Measurements: 38mm diameter.

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