Acintya Atman Painting

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Hand painted, dated and signed by Balinese famous master painter Dewa Adnayana.  This one of kind painting is a precious family heirloom collector piece.  

Acintya (from Sanskrit: अचिन्त्य, "the inconceivable", "the unimaginable"),[1][2] also known as Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa (Balinese: "The Divine Order") and Sang Hyang Tunggal ("The Divine Oneness"),[1][3][4] is the Supreme God of Indonesian Hinduism (formally known as Agama Hindu Dharma), especially on the island of Bali. Acintya is equivalent to the metaphysical concept of Brahman of Indian Hinduism, and is the Supreme God in traditional wayang (shadow puppet) theatre.[4] All gods, goddesses and existence are believed to be the manifestation of the Acintya in Balinese Hinduism.[1]

Acrylic paint on canvas.

Shipped from Bali, so expect longer shipping time.  

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