Flower of Life Dreamcatcher Earrings - Gold Plated

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Flower of Life is an essential part of Sacred Geometry and is also esoterically considered the symbol for the interdependence and interconnectedness of all beings. This piece is framed with small caduceuses, like strands of DNA that hold the akashic records of the living library of life itself!

Dream Catchers are used as protective charms that filter out the bad dreams so that only the light dreams are retained and manifested. Dream catchers support us in realizing our greatest dreams of Love and success. The flower of life geometry in the web of the dream catcher works to filter the dreams, bringing in those dreams that are most in harmonic resonance with Life and keeping those dreams that don’t support life, out.

Materials: The clasp is made of sterling silver and the design in high-quality brass coated with 24ct Gold Vermeil.

Dimensions: 32mm wide, 78mm tall (including ear wire)

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