About the Founder & Designer

Forest Schrodt is a devoted healer, artist, dancer, student, and teacher. He is a second generation modern dancer whose mother owns the Oak Street Dance studio. His father is a highly successful entrepreneur, artist and nature advocate earth guardian. Forest is the gift to the world from these two lifelong soul mates. 
In 1997 he founded Liquid Fire Mantra fire dance theatre company which performs all over the world. Featuring elaborate masked characters, feather dancing, fire dancing, storytelling, working with musicians, dancers and performers. In 2001, Forest founded Liquid Fire Mantra visionary jewelry company that has been influential in the visionary renaissance age that has blossomed over the last two decades.

Since 2001, Forest has been teaching a workshop on dance yoga flow arts. He was hosting an annual two-month event in Bali Flow Temple, a full spectrum, meditation, yoga, dance, Jedi training, fire dance emersion.  

Forest is the founder of Omqar Yoga and Unicorn Heart Breath, two visionary yogic wellness practices inspired by Tibetan yoga, Kundalini yoga, Qi Gong, Yoga, Shamanism, Temple Dance and prayer technologies; in supporting a thriving life.   

Healing arts, Forest’s applied background is in Thai Massage, Myofascial Release, Lomi Lomi and more...

Music is in all life. Forest’s loves sharing DJ music sets that guide people through a musical tapestry that aim to awaken ancient Akashic knowledge in ecstatic heart-opening experiences.  Featuring the freshest bass music fused with shamanic instrumentation and vocals.  Forest often adds his live mouth harp and mantra singing over the music sets.

Event production and sacred space holder. Having worked on countless events since 1999, Forest is dedicated to co-creating sacred community.  

At the beginning of 2016, Forest invested in a large-scale event space, enhancement, retreat center called Bali Flow Temple, featuring 30x20 meter wood dance floor and accommodations for over 30 people.  This incredible venue continues to support community healing, celebration, and evolutionary growth.


Quotes from Forest Schrodt:

“The timeless truth of the human spirit is found where the logic of science and the mind listens to the emotions of the heArt.”  

“We are seeing the change we are being as we are being the change we are seeing.  We cannot always control what happens to us, but we can choose what perspective we choose to see the experience from.  This is alchemy.”  

Primary directives in life:

1) Love all ways, forever and unconditionally in the actions of compassionate communication, active listening, and forgiveness.

2) Have fun with no losers and all winners.

3) Have an authentic experience, being honest with emotions.

4) Everlasting commitment to learning and teaching and doing so without punishment. 

“We are the light we see in others.  We do not serve others by casting shadows with our light but better served by giving people the tools to shine their own light.”

"Compassion is the path,

Love is the destination,

Gratitude is the key

that opens the heart

to infinite  Love.  

Eternal life of peace

is the reward…

this is… ascension!  This is…

Unicorn Consciousness!”