Holy Grail Pendant - Sterling Silver / 24K Gold Vermeil

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The ancient symbol of the holy grail represents the most sacred space within us all, the grail of our hearts that lets Love flow in and out. The doorway to eternal life and eternal Love. This Grail represents the greatest treasure within every being and reminds us of the compassionate path. Gratitude is the key that opens this chalice to the Living Library of Love and our soul. This stunning Holy Grail Pendant is adorned with eight rainbow moonstones set around the sterling silver lip. Caduceus snakes climb the length of the Grail, coming to face one another at the front of the pendant, delicately balancing a beautiful star sapphire gem between their heads. The caduceus represents the rising of Kundalini energy toward ultimate healing and embodiment, winding up the hollow double helix stem of DNA. A heart is centered at the base of each side of the bowl, blossoming into a lotus flower that draws from the well of love and compassion. The bottom of the Holy Grail has a faceted amethyst gem set in the center of the six-pointed star. Wrapped around the base of the chalice is the discrete OuroBoros snake eating its own tail, symbolizing the cycle of life, death and rebirth that underlies all of creation. Angel wings carry the vibration of this pendant toward the higher realms of light, meeting at the glowing opal gemstone of eternal light above. The Holy Grail Pendant makes a breath-taking and powerful spiritual gift, metaphysical talisman, altar-piece, or totem of your own spiritual practice! Overview: -Unisex -100% Handmade -Unique design -Durable -High quality materials Materials: 24K Gold plating, sterling silver, star sapphire, rainbow moonstone, opal, amethyst.

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