Creation Pendant - Sterling Silver / 24K Gold Vermeil - Labradorite

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This remarkable pendant will take you on a mystical journey of Shiva and Shakti, from the root of your own kundalini energy and up toward the expanse of your unlimited consciousness. This piece features a five pointed star at the very base, representing the intrinsic connection between Spirit and the four elements at the heart of creation. This star rises from the symbolic root chakra to summon the two dancing serpents climbing up the chakras of the body, ripe with kundalini energy. The mystical serpents come together in the center into the shape of a heart, also forming the Balinese symbol for Om. From there the energy rises again, offering reverence to the sun and the moon and the perfect balance of the masculine and feminine. Angel wings carry this offering to the heart of creation and guide this healing prayer with grace. The pinnacle of the Creation Pendant\\'s journey climaxes with two hands offering a dazzling lotus flower to the heavens, representing our service of stewardship and co-creation of the most beautiful flower that is Life. Give this beautiful & unique metaphysical pendant as a spiritual gift, healing prayer, embodiment of yoga, or wear it as a totem of your personal spiritual practice! Come journey with us! Overview: -Unisex -Handmade -Unique design -Durable -High quality materials -Lightweight Materials: Sterling silver, 24K gold vermeil, labradorite. Measurements: 38mm wide and 77mm tall.

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Larvalis L.

Perfect, just perfect. Recommand !

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