Flower of Life with Serpents Pendant

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This staggering talisman fuses the sacred geometry of the flower of life and the primordial spirit animal of the snake. Six ouroboros snakes merge in the center to form the ancient and infamous pattern of the flower of life. The ouroboros symbolizes the cycle of life: birth, death, rebirth and the dichotomy of creation and destruction that in essence lead to eternal renewal and transformation. The flower of life represents the interdependence and interconnectedness of all beings, bringing unity to duality, and calling in dreams that are the most in harmonic resonance with Life. This powerful pendant is perfect for inspiring and strengthening leadership, embracing the full reality of life in its innate cycles. The cobra bail that carries the pendant represents the third eye chakra of keen intuition, seeing through the illusionary realities and attuning to one\\'s own guidance. The magical star sapphire gem in the center illuminates spiritual insight, brings protection and increases personal power in the wearer. This pendant is 100% handmade, with each scale on the serpents intricately carved into the sterling silver, and subtle 18K gold lay delicately painted upon the heads of each ouroboros snake. Overview: -Unique design -100% Handmade -Durable -Lightweight -High quality materials Materials: Sterling silver, 18K gold lay, star sapphire

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