I do NOT think that the money or greed is the root of all evil. 

I think the root of the problem is many people forgot how to learn.

Instead, have learned to punish through guilt, shame, violence, and hate.

This large number of people have forgotten that life is fun and have externalized their happiness into quick fixes. It is too painful for them to own the sadness that they feel in their hearts so they subconsciously blame the outside world and perpetually punish life out of existence because all they know is how to fight, flight, distract, attack and punish that which they perceive is causing the pain.

The cause of the pain is the resistance created by not allowing the authentic experience of the impermanent sensations of life that are often very uncomfortable. This painful discomfort is designed to force us to move and hopefully learn and evolve... but if we forgot how to learn then a cycle of suffering and destruction happens.

Life is suffering as long as we don't own it, then it becomes a perpetual stream of impermanent sensations designed to help us learn how to learn; and then how to learn how to be in service to stewardship of all life for all future generations, because it is known in our heart and mind that life is Sacred and we say yes to it.

The first cure is to learn how to learn and teach in the ways of kindness, patience, and forgiveness; while not getting hooked in by the many symptoms of forgetting that are so reactionary.

WE are strong and know the truth of the Shangrila peaceful warriors beauty way of symbiotic, mutualism as we draw our self-esteem not from being better, smarter or stronger than others but rather our ability to know and act in the Aloha, namaste, Om-swasiastu, inlakesh, we are the light we see in others, others suffering and wellbeing are both our own.

Compassionate understand through patience and learning. I am not perfect and I make mistakes but I am dedicated to Humility; humble, human and humorous while humming a sacred song, so I can learn to be the best mirrOracle that I can offer to the world. I celebrate being a human being through my commitment to learning how to be more kind and to bring this kindness out in all humankind, especially where it has been forgotten.

When friends forget that we are on the same team and act with selfishness and arrogance, I remember and know the beauty within them and offer my best effort to not react, but rather to act from a place of compassion. This life is fierce and so many people hold so much old impermanent sensations in their beings that block them from their greatest potential, my judgment only fuels the stories they have created of why they think they are not worthy of Love. I have struggled my whole life with judgment and I am a perfectionist and hold a level of excellence in my life. My judgment has done more harm than good. I am learning how to practice discernment while holding compassion in my heart.

Betrayal is the other major recurring theme and it seems tied in with the judgment. Every person who betrayed me, my first instinct told me they were not in integrity with themselves. How can I blame them for betraying me when I already saw the writing on the wall. I chose to give those people the tools to punish themselves further with a losing dynamic. I am learning how to see the good in all, but to also see where people are at and listen to me first impression so I do not put that person in a position that they might punish and harm themselves by betraying me.

After years of suffering, I am getting better and better at not reacting and punishing myself and others. While I am still not immune to this sickness, I am proud of myself for the improvements that I am witnessing. 

This life is so fragile and impermanent, we don't have time to squabble over small things. It is time to unify for it is the time of Unicorns! 

With love and gratitude,


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