I believe the greater the polarity... the greater the friction.

The greater the friction... the more the pain and discomfort.

The more the discomfort, the faster the evolution.

In the space between, past relative stabilized reality and future defined stabilized reality... in this undefined space that we find ourselves now, the raw creative evolutionary potential exists....perhaps the greatest works and breakthroughs in our lives has come from this place of great chaos and heartbreak.

We must be careful of the ultimate fall back within this chrysalis stage. If polarization goes extreme, the law of the land could degenerate to "might makes right!" This is where the long history of human atrocities against ourselves happens.

I believe one of the most important ways to avoid such tragic degeneration of human compassion is: depolarization. Find ways to unify the duality. Through learning each other's languages... art, music, dance, beauty. The universal things that humans share in common. All of us want to have fun and enjoy life.

Some have forgotten that fun is within and as a result, externalizing through temporary feelings of pleasure often at the expense of others and themselves. 
How can we meet the other side of ourselves and learn how to have fun together with no losers and winning for all?

Yes to Life!
Yes to the light of awareness! 
Yes to Love!♡

Art credit: Kirsty Collett

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