A Masterpiece

A Masterpiece

As the sacred waters of life release from my being as tears pouring from my heart and soul... I feel our sacred human families collective grief in such a raw way.

Feeling the purity of sensation of this tragic loss. Not crying right now is not paying attention or being numb or dumb. I vote to feel the burn of the loss of sanity in this country. Some argue that it has gone insane a long time ago... I agree. Though how far it has just swung is an all-time low yet the polarity I see is an all-time clarity of Loving beings living in grace and harmony, stronger than ever. Right now I do not wish to try to intellectualize this intense sensation of grief and sadness and it's polarized causes. 

I feel, Therefore I am. 
I love, Therefore I feel. 
I think,Therefore I have free will. 

This human thing is quite the wild ride. Gonna use it to grow into enlightened Love by feeling the heaviness of heartbreaking open. 

Open to the intense paradoxical sensation of being allive and eternal at the same time. 

The fate of time making each moment the most valuable thing and yet completely worthless. Like a masterpiece getting worn down by sand til nothing is left. Is it not still... a masterpiece?

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