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Caduceus Tiara - Silver Plated ~ Unicorn Horn INCLUDED!!

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Fantastic Tiara with a detachable Unicorn Horn.  Beautiful on its own or playfully celebrate your inner Unicorn with a hand-carved wooden unicorn horn.  Unicorns represent a united compassionate being. Unicorns are winning on the deepest level of authenticity.  


The symbol of the caduceus is found in most ancient cultures on the planet. The two serpents represent the two strands of DNA that hold the living library of the akashic records of all life on earth, and symbolize great knowledge and wisdom. These serpents also mirror the kundalini energy that rises up the spine and through the chakra's of the energy body.

This Tiara is masterfully handmade from beautiful silver plating atop high-quality jewelry grade brass to maintain its beauty. Check out the details on master metalsmithing work! A faceted citrine stone rests directly on the wearer's third eye.


Small or Medium Cream Sparkle Unicorn Horn INCLUDED. This horn is hand-carved from teak wood, hand-painted and is easily detachable from the Tiara. The Tiara looks great with or without the Unicorn Horn.

This art piece attaches comfortably with a hand soldered brass chain that is resizable and a clear elastic string that is both durable, invisible and very comfortable.  It is recommended that you gently bend the Tiara frame to fit the shape of your head perfectly so you can play and frolic unicorn bliss as much as you wish.

*Note that this tiara is designed for normal wear and is not intended for active sports or contact dance.



  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Silver Plating, Brass, Citrine

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