Auryn Snake Pendant

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Inspired by The Neverending Story, this magical medallion offers protection to those who wear it. This pendant further symbolizes ultimate unity, as the two serpents of duality dance together into oneness. The snake spirit animal fuels the splendor of this medallion and is a powerful totem of the innate creative force of transformation and healing. The aquamarine gemstone in the center represents trust and truth, and encourages compassionate communication from the heart of the wearer. This pendant is 100% handmade, with each scale on the serpents intricately carved into the sterling silver, and subtle18K gold lay delicately painted upon the heads of each ouroboros snake. Give this beautiful & unique metaphysical pendant as a spiritual gift, healing prayer, or wear it as a totem of your personal spiritual practice! Overview: -Unisex -Unique design -100% Handmade -Durable -High quality materials -Lightweight Materials: Sterling silver, 18ct gold lay, aquamarine. Measurements: 57mm long by 47mm wide.

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