Snake Infinity Ring

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Self marriage ring! Marry yourself to yourself and celebrate your wholeness.

Two serpents woven together in infinite balance and union.  This ring was designed for people to marry and unify the dualities within their own being.  The masculine part of their being, that part that is outward projecting, asserting of will, prayer gifting, leading energy.  Unified with the Feminine virtues of receptivity, listening and inner guidance.  Beyond masculine/feminine duality… this ring can also symbolize the union of the Angel of infinite compassion, remembrance of truth and knower of Love embracing the Devil of forgetting, all those symptoms of forgetting.  When the Angel of remembrance embraces the Devil of forgetting, true peace is realized.  By unifying our beings, we become unicorns!  Unified in our being, we can experience true peace!


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: 21ct gold, sterling silver

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