Holy Grail Chalice - Silver

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This ancient symbol represents the most sacred space within us all, the grail of our hearts that lets Love flow in and out. The doorway to eternal life and eternal Love. This Grail represents the greatest treasure within every being and reminds us of the compassionate path. Gratitude is the key that opens this chalice to the Living library of Love and our soul. 

One side of the Chalice is adorned with Rainbow Moonstone the other side Labradorite. Eight Amethyst stones are set around the rim of the Chalice. The lip of the chalice says in Hebrew "Everlasting Love, I am that I am!" The stem of the Chalice has a caduceus, representing the Kundalini energy and is a symbol of healing, winding up a double helix to depict DNA. Inscribed on one strand of the helix in Sanskrit is "Om Mani Padme Hum" which is the mantra for those practicing compassion for self and others. The other DNA strand is inscribed with a second Sanskrit phrase, the Gayatri Mantra which translates to the Light of Truth. The bottom of the chalice has a garnet set in the center of four pentagrams to offer protection and alliance among the four elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire). Wrapped around the base of the chalice is the OuroBoros snake eating its own tail representing the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

This is a great piece for a cacao ceremony, water purification, wedding ceremony or any special occasion. 

The Sterling Silver plated Chalice is made using old world lost wax casting techniques involving hand-carved wax. No laser etching or 3D digital render was used in the design or manufacturing of this piece.

The Chalice is 5.25" Wide including the wing handles 
4.5" Tall
The cup diameter is 2.5"

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