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Bali Flow Temple Artist Residency Booking- 2week Stay

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I invite you to come join me this January, February, and March at the Bali Flow Temple where we are doing an Artist Residency a full spectrum Jedi training, ascension technology immersive experience. Imagine living in paradise with a group of inspired beings, doing meditation, yoga, flow arts training, circus arts, aerial trapeze, acro yoga, fire dancing, dance, contact dance, tantra, healing arts, massage, sound healing, cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dance, cleansing, water purification ceremonies, excursions to temples and so much more!!!  We are also providing after school programs for Balinese children where you can offer to teach local kids your art. 
Secure your bed for only $200 for 1 week, $300 for 2 weeks or $500 per month... no cost for classes and activities as we are all co-creating the experience together. Every person who attends, they come as both the student and the teacher. Everyone who comes is given the option to what level of participation they wish to be and can offer up free workshops to the group. I believe every person has mastery to share.

We are in the process of establishing an after school program for Balinese children to come and learn from the Bali Flow Temple Artist's!  Residence will have the option to be a part of this after school program. 
For those specifically interested in studying from me, I will be teaching regular workshops on flow arts, yoga, healing arts, and more throughout the 3 months. I am also excited to be learning from the amazingly talented people who are coming. Feel free to invite dynamic friends.

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