Bali Flow Temple Artist Residency 9 days 1 person in shared room.

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  • $ 600

Includes 9 day stay at Bali Flow Temple(BFT) including shared room with 1 -2 people in large bedroom and breakfast and lunch meals.  (except Sunday when our staff does not work.). Includes all activities and workshops relating the the BFT Artist Residency Program.  

This 9 day stay at Bali Flow Temple is designed to go with the Spinpoi Certification course which will be happening at: February 1st – February 9th, 2023.

 You can purchase your participation in the Spinpoi Certification program on this link: 

Please message us if you are booking a 9 day stay that is not part of the Spinpoi course.  Include dates you are wanting to book during the following dates of: January 1st to April 30th.  

This purchase does not include fee for participation in the Spinpoi certification course, but is designed to go in conjunction with this 9 day course at Bali Flow Temple. 


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