Crystal Compass of Love

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Collaborative painting!   Hand painted, dated and signed by Balinese famous master painter Dewa Adnayana and designed by Forest Schrodt founder of Liquid Fire Mantra.  This one of kind painting is a precious family heirloom collector piece.

This is a magical one of a kind masterpiece fusing wisdom from Hinduism, Buddhism and ancient Kabalistic mystery school teachings.  

About navigating the infinite realms of imagination from Love to Love in all 9 directions. 

Depicts the crystals growing out from the YIN and Yang balance symbol..  Ohm symbols are delicately painted into each of the four inner direcitons radiating the Love song of creation in all directions.  These open up into a double Vajra or double Dorje' representing the thunderbolt of truth, that this dualistic reality is the gift of our freedom and the inherent friction is the necessary component for evolution and growth.  It also relates to the rhythm of life.  The outer layer of eight crystals gracefully completes the sacred geometry with Balinese Sanskrit for all the archetypes of creation and eight archetypes of the one God in the eight directions.  The ninth direction is the center.


Original one of a kind acrylic paint on canvas.  Hand painted. 

Shipped from Bali, so expect longer shipping time.  


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