Flower of Life Ring - Long - Brass

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This exquisite Ring is made from our signature High Quality Brass, adorned with two precious gemstones of choice. This ring features intricate Flower of Life Sacred Geometry, framed with caduceus strands of DNA that form a heart with their interwoven tails and weave together into infinity toward the heart of creation, with one heart above and one below.


This is a surprisingly comfortable ring with its perfectly smooth underside and ideal curvature to support maximum finger mobility and comfort, with a thinner yet sturdy ring base so as not to inhibit motion. Every detail has been lovingly crafted and infused with magic!


*Looking for a half size? Just ask! https://liquidfiremantra.com/pages/contact-us or email us at mail@liquidfiremantra.com




-Unique design

-100% Handmade



-High quality materials



Materials: High quality brass, choice of emerald or ruby gemstone.


Measurements: 41mm long.

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