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The Snake Trinity Pendant is one of our most powerful pieces. The three snakes powerfully climb out from the center of this piece, forming a downward triangle with their intertwined bodies. Downward triangles represent the divine feminine, and also total embodiment in the physical plane, grounding all of our spiritual energy into our bodies. The number 3 represents a very holy and magical number, tying together mind, body and spirit. The Australian Fire Opal in the center is also known as the “fire of the desert,” imbedding rainbows into stone in the Earthen lands, symbolizing transformation and kindling our inner fire of intuition. The King Cobra bail at the top represents the protective hood of consciousness that opens the third eye chakra, providing integrity and strength to our intuition. This pendant is 100% handmade, with each scale on the serpents intricately carved into the sterling silver, and subtle 18K gold lay delicately painted upon the heads of each snake. Overview: -Unisex -Unique design -100% Handmade -Durable -Lightweight -High quality materials Materials: Sterling silver, 18ct gold lay, australian fire opal. **Note that each Australian fire opal is incredibly unique and variation may occur. Measurements: 65mm long and 56mm wide.

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David M.
United States United States
Mystical Alchemy

I had the pleasure of meeting the maker of this exquisite pendant in person. Every piece I would ask him about, he would have so much to say about what inspired him and all the deep symbology behind every detail. The creation of these pieces to me seem part masterful art, part mystical alchemy. I've bought numerous pieces now for my whole family and we all cherish each piece. Thank you Forest and team! :-) >3

Unique pendant

Beautiful and magic pendant. It is possible to choose different stone. What else? Perfect communication with Liquid Fire Mantra team, special thanks to Gaia.


Stunning Pendant!I couldn't be happier.Thank you!

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