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Bali Flow Temple Artist Residency Program 2022, January, February, and March

Full spectrum Jedi training immersive experience.

Imagine living in paradise with a group of inspired beings, doing flow arts, circus arts, aerial trapeze, meditation, yoga, acro-yoga, fire dancing, dance, contact dance, tantra, healing arts, massage, sound healing, cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dance, cleansing, water purification ceremonies, ecstatic dances at the world famous Yoga Barn, excursions to temples and snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing on beaches and so much more!!!

Every person who attends comes as both the student and the teacher.  Artist's choose what level of participation they wish and can take what classes interest them and can also teach and offer classes and workshops to the group. Every person has  to share if they wish.

Part of the program is that we get co-create two weekly events to share with the public. A Flow Arts Dance with live special DJ's and an epic Fire Dance jam with live musicians!  The second event is an Acro Dance Jam!  With a space this awesome, we have room for all modalities.  

(Limited financial aid work trade options available for those in need.  direct message if you are in need.)

More master teachers to be added soon.  Current teachers are.

Forest: Professional teacher and performer since 1998.  Specializing in flow arts  in poi, staff, double staff, dragon staff.  Also Tibetan inspired yoga, meditation, didgeridoo, mouth harp, healing arts, and more.

Bary: yoga, acro yoga, and thai massage.   

Igor: Yoga and meditation.

Naya:  Fans and partner poi. 

More teachers... perhaps you?

Throughout the 4 months. We are so excited to be learning from all the amazing and talented people who are coming from around the world. 

This is an alcohol free event... no the alcohol is not free... there is no alcohol in the program and people who actively display an alcohol or drug problem will be asked to stop or leave.  Bali Flow Temple is an incredibly fun place where the vibe is so high that we don't need intoxicants. We host two community dance events per week.  We some times will serve cacao as part of these dances.  We also may go to beach parties and events where people can freely choose how they like to party.  

Prices are as follows. Includes all workshops and events within Bali Flow Temple. 

Shared bedroom ONE person weekly rate is:$500    Two weeks:$900    Month:$1400

Couples Private bed room for TWO people:  weekly:$800 Two weeks:$1400 Monthly:$2000

Private single bedroom for ONE person per week:$600 two weeks:$1000 Monthly:$1600

Included every day but not Sunday, breakfast and lunch... but not dinner.  Food is organic locally sourced with vegetarian and vegan option.  For dinner's, we usually go out to amazing restaurants or order food for delivery.  In case you want to make your own meals, Artists can use a full kitchen with Vitamix blender.  

Bali Flow Temple Retreat Center is not a 5 star resort.  It is a very comfortable, homie place but is not luxury.  It is inspiringly beautiful place in tropical paradise surrounded with beautiful jungles, nearby nature hikes, waterfall adventures and authentic Balinese culture.  There are two super loving dogs and a free spirited cat.   Hot water showers and fans are in all rooms.  Air-conditioner's are not necessary in this area of Bali because of the relative high elevation from sea level.  Only 30-40 minutes from beautiful beaches.   Free of all dangerous mold.  Very few mosquito's because we have removed all water breeding area's.  There has not been any cases of dangerous tropical diseases in this area in the last 5 years.  No malaria, and other shots needed. 

Covid-19 vaccination papers required to enter Indonesia with 1-2 day quarantine. 

Travel Visa: You will need to go through visa agent to get your social/business visa. We have several we recommend.  It is an easy process.  Cost is about $300usd.  Free visa on arrival may be possible by January.  

For more information pictures and community join our Bali Flow Temple Artist Residency Facebook group.

PIONEERS OF FLOW ART IN BALI🦄 (@baliflowtemple) • Instagram photos and videos

For questions: WhatsApp: +62-812-3792-6412

We are all co-creating the experience together. 

Invite friends whom you want to share this beautiful experience with. 

Life long friendships made.  Pure healthy living.  Enhancement of so many skills!  So much fun!  

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