Artist Residency - Bali Flow Temple

You are invited to come join me this January, February, and March at the Bali Flow Temple where my team is hosting an Artist Residency Program and our Bali Flow Temple in Indonesia. This program is a full spectrum Jedi training immersive experience.

Imagine living in paradise with a group of inspired beings, doing flow arts, circus arts, aerial trapeze, meditation, yoga, acro-yoga, fire dancing, dance, contact dance, tantra, healing arts, massage, sound healing, cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dance, cleansing, water purification ceremonies, ecstatic dances at the world famous Yoga Barn, excursions to temples and snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing on beaches and so much more!!!

Bali is currently considered one of the safest places on the planet in regards to the pandemic.  The warm tropical environment with healthy living has resulted in very low levels of Covid.  Which has also resulted in not as strict restrictions.  Though you will need a covid test to get on the plane and you will need to contact us to be put in touch with trusted Visa Agent to get into the country.  Everyone wants to be in Bali right now because it seriously the best place on the planet to be right now!  So don't wait, get your visa started ASAP for we do not know if the airports will stay open.  

Life long friendships made. 

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