Bali Flow Temple Artist Residency 9 days one person in Private Single Bed Room.

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Includes 9 day stay at Bali Flow Temple(BFT) Private Single Bed Room accommodations for one person.   Includes breakfast and lunch meals each day.  (except Sunday when our staff does not work.). Includes all activities and workshops relating the the BFT Artist Residency Program.  

This 9 day stay at Bali Flow Temple is designed to go with the Spinpoi Certification course which will be happening at:

 February 1st – February 9th, 2023.

This is at same time as the BFT Artist Residency Program.  You can purchase your participation in the Spinpoi Certification program on this link:

Please message us if you are booking a 9 day stay that is not part of the Spinpoi course.  Include dates you are wanting to book during the following dates of: January 1st to April 30th.  

This purchase does not include fee for participation in the Spinpoi certification course, but is designed to go in conjunction with this 9 day course at Bali Flow Temple. 


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