Seraphim Pendant - Sterling Silver

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The seraphim are six-winged angels who represent the deepest level of devotion, embracing the fires of life to the fullest and engaging in the alchemical processes of purification, authentication and sacrifice. Seraphim are not for the weak, they are the elite angels and demand total devotion, working fiercely to bring Purity and Truth. At the base of this talisman is a sacred Cross: a Vajra (also known as a Dorje), representing the thunderbolt of truth and the dance between freedom and unity. The sum of parts that creates the whole of this dualistic dimension, all is necessary for the dynamic miracle of life. Overview: -Unisex -Unique design -100% Handmade -Durable -Lightweight -High quality materials Materials: Sterling silver, ruby, amethyst. Measurements: 7cm tall and 4cm wide.

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